Upcoming Events 2017-18

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2017 | Timpanogos Storytelling Conference & Festival

September 7-9, 2017 | Lehi, Utah

Brenda Wong Aoki“Storytelling is the coming together of everybody, the first art,” Aoki says. “It’s what shamans did, connecting heaven and Earth, and weaving the collective unconscious into a community.” Combining numerous elements of art into a communicative whole is Brenda Wong Aoki’s gift. Swirling Japanese Noh and Kyogen theater with contemporary stories, adding a healthy helping of commedia dell’arte, and finishing off with American Jazz and modern dance, Aoki serves a sumptuous banquet of storytelling to her audiences. Listening to Brenda is an indulgent and rewarding experience not to be missed.

2017-18 National Tour | Aunt Lily's Flowerbook: 100 Years of Legalized Racism

November 12-16, 2017 | Millersville University, PA

February 2018 | Riverside Art Museum, CA

2018 | Japanese American Memories To Light | CAAMFest
San Francisco, CA

Live Music Composition For Film by Mark Izu