“Creative synergy focused with the proper intent can turn turmoil into transformation. This is the art of resilience.” –Brenda Wong Aoki


Critically acclaimed San Francisco artists Brenda Wong Aoki and Mark Izu team up to produce Suite J-Town, a multidisciplinary, intercultural, intergenerational, series of events celebrating the 110–year history of San Francisco’s Japantown.

Within the next few years, the geographic heart of Japantown is slated for demolition. Through Suite J-Town, a multimedia arts incubation project, Brenda Wong Aoki and Mark Izu of First Voice, and a cadre of new culture bearers will ignite the soul of a community in transition, amidst a rapidly changing San Francisco landscape. Suite J-Town pays tribute to the 100-plus-year history of Japantown through music, dance, visual art, story, sound collage, video, and a site-specific installation.

Suite J-Town, seeks to deepen and expand community engagement, mentor next generation artists, and celebrate one of San Francisco’s essential historic neighborhoods. Suite J-Town will draw upon the stories of everyday people who are the heart and soul of the community.


PURPOSE    To create synergy and effervescence in J-Town; to augment and revitalize community during a time of transformation through art and the creative process



FUNDING for Suite J-Town comes from the generous support of California Arts Council ("Creative California Communities" Grant), William & Flora Hewlett Foundation, San Francisco Grants for the Arts, and Individual Donors.